Thursday, September 6

The Un(fore)seen Team Dynamics

~ Santosh

I'm certain that we all came across the Tuckman's 4 cardinal and inevitable stages of team development - Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. As you reminisce your ISB core-term groups, you may want to take a glimpse of just a few (of many such) not-so-nasty mails, which we at HiWEL exchange on a routine basis, at

Want to take a quick stab at which stage we seem to have stuck at? Well, whoever quoted that "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; and working together is a success" probably did not foresee such high performing team dynamics!


Narayan said...

i really doubt if ANY core term group shared such nasty emails? maybe u guys should roll santosh down one of those hills in Arunachal Pradesh.

Anonymous said...

truly, one of a kind!

wot say you?


Santosh Srinivas said...

Mama, what have I done to you for having triggered such emotions?? :)

Santosh Srinivas said...

i agree kapil :)

Sriki said...

Dude!! I must say!! The blog is very inspiring!! Hats off to all u guyz!! I hope one day I gather all my courage inspite of all my committments and get into the dev sector!!

Great going!! We are proud of u!!

Santosh Srinivas said...

Thanks Sriki :)

Anonymous said...

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