Wednesday, July 18

The Vicious Cycle

I wish we could start with a clean slate. Or if not that I wish we could get everyone to listen and agree to consciously and whole-heartedly make a change. Going and seeing government schools in villages presents a heartbreaking scenario. If students want to learn, the teachers have no enthusiasm. If teachers want to teach, then the government doesn't provide them the necessary means to impart a valuable education. If the government finally decides to do something, its almost something too late. The attitudes have set it and its hard to change them. It's a vicious cycle. All the pieces need to fit together and just perfectly. Unfortunately, THAT is not about to happen.

Many times I wonder what it would take to inspire everyone to want to make a difference. What would it take to make enough of us passionate enough to say...
...Now is the time to make sure that no person in this world will ever go hungry again.
...Now is the time to make sure that every person has a minimum level of education.
...Now is the time to provide everyone with the health facilities they deserve."

My mind goes blank at that thought. I don't know what it would take. Such basic human rights. Yet so unattainable. Many of us spend on ridiculous things when we only have to turn our heads towards the window to see a hungry naked child or a guy with no arms. Is spending frivolously okay then? Why shouldn't I enjoy what I earn? I have worked hard to be where I am today. Do I not have the right to indulge myself in world's little pleasures?

But at what cost? My one pair of jeans could probably feed 10 hungry stomachs. But my jeans are more important to me. How are we so disconnected? When did we become like this?

You're poor hence you live in a poor neighborhood. That means you go to a underfunded school. Which means that you are not given the necessary attention and resources needed to become enough of a productive individual to move up the 'chain'. So you stay where you are and the trend continues with your children. And this of course by no means exists only in India. It's everywhere.

So where does that leave us now? Do we leave the vicious cycle alone or do we make as many dents in it as we can or do we break it?

The obvious answer is the last one: that we need to break the cycle. But the next question is: HOW?

~ Raina


Piyush said...

You bring up an important point regarding motivation. How do people around us get motivated to do certain things?

We all try to dress up and act cool to fit in to the society or to be like people around us. How can we make the social causes hip? How can we get people around us to focus on the little things that matter rather than the pink emblem on your bracelet?

I have not come across many people that are willing to do what it takes.

This also brings up the important point. People are content in donating money to charity and saying that they have done their part. Is that enough? Or do we need them to be more vocal on their causes?

A change needs to be brought about, and your team is in the right path.

We should all try and chime in to benefit the greater good.

PrajK said...

Interesting. Do you think that more people should do work like yours? Donate more to charity? What about the idea that market-driven economic growth is the best way to alleviate poverty?

Anyway...this is my 2nd comment in a row. I'm catching up after a couple weeks. Again, keep up the awesome, inspiring work and don't get too jaded:)

nirvaana said...

you couldnt have said it better. We never know whether we should feel guilty for all our frivolous activities and spending, or whether we should let go of that thought, knowing that thats how society is divided, thats how the division of labor works. These are questions that will never be answered. However, instead of feeling guilty on spending on our jeans, or partaking in our shortlived pleasures what we can do is try to change the system. coz it is the system that is the cause of all that goes wrong. And do our bits towards trying to change/fix/improve the system.